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Terms and Conditions

  1. Interpretation & General
    1. In these conditions: "Client" is the person, firm, company or organisation for whom de:clutter has agreed to provide the Services in accordance with these conditions; "Agreement" is the Agreement for the provision of Services which shall be governed by these conditions; "Services" means the Services to be provided by de:clutter to or for the Client; "Fee" means the fee payable by the Client to de:clutter as notified by de:clutter.
    2. de:clutter shall be entitled to alter and vary these conditions from time to time on reasonable written notice to the Client without any liability to the Client.
  2. Supply of the Services
    1. de:clutter shall provide the Services to the Client subject to these Conditions or such other conditions as may be agreed in writing between de:clutter and the Client.
    2. The service permits the Client to request from de:clutter any information or suggestions in relation to any personal needs or desires of the Client {including events, activities, venues, goods and services). de:clutter reserves the right to refuse to supply services if, in the opinion of de:clutter, the services are to be used by the Client for any immoral or unlawful purpose. de:clutter's information and suggestions will be based upon the specific criteria provided to de:clutter by the Client.
    3. Advice and suggestions made, documented and provided by de:clutter are general in nature and should be carefully considered by the Client, discussed with de:clutter and agreed to before services are supplied.
  3. Fees
    1. de:clutter fee structure is varied and can be charged as casual hours, daily rates, packaged blocks of time and quotations and estimates. My fee rate includes all time spent performing the following services: [hands-on organizing, planning, research, communication and shopping]
    2. de:clutter will provide a Quotation, where reasonably possible, for specified packaged services prior to the commencement of works or for larger projects an estimate will be provided which is subject to variation. [AND/OR]
    3. Ongoing services will be provided to Clients at a negotiated rate. These fees relate only to the provision of services by de:clutter.
    4. de:clutter will provide an invoice and all fees can be paid by cash, credit card or direct deposit prior to work commencing, subject to 3.5.
    5. Fees are to be paid within seven days of completion of agreed project / service as per your invoice. Other arrangements can be made for regular clients.
    6. Services provided by a third party supplier will be paid for by the Client where reasonably possible OR charged separately to our Fees.
    7. Goods and stationery supplied by de:clutter will be charged separately to our fees and paid for by the Client upon delivery. A finder's fee may be added to source items if required.
    8. de:clutter shall be entitled to vary the Fees from time to time on written notice to the Client.
  4. Client's Responsibilities
    1. Services provided by de:clutter are provided expressly for the Client and the Client shall not use the Services for any improper, immoral, unlawful or any other purpose other than that for which the Client informs de:clutter at the time of the initial request.
    2. The client agrees to abide by the terms and conditions as set out in this document.
    3. The client is responsible for all third party costs and disposal costs. These are to be billed directly to the Client. If this is not possible, then the Client agrees to pay for these services upon completion of the service.
  5. Privacy and Confidentiality
    1. de:clutter complies with the Privacy Act and all information collected by de:clutter is kept secure and confidential. Your privacy is important to us.
    2. If a third party is used as part of the service provided by de:clutter, only essential information will be provided to ensure continuity of the service requested by the client.
    3. Confidentiality and discretion at all times are paramount.
  6. Liability
    1. de:clutter will take all due care to safeguard your property, possessions and valuables, however, to the extent permitted by law, will not be held liable for any damage or loss of any kind.
    2. de:clutter is fully insured with professional indemnity and public liability insurance.
  7. General
    1. These conditions (together with any other terms and conditions agreed in writing between de:clutter and the Clients) constitute the entire Agreement between the parties.
    2. To cancel or reschedule an appointment, we require 24 hours' notice. If this timeframe is not respected we reserve the right to charge a fee equivalent to the time booked or $100 whichever is greater. Notice of a cancellation or reschedule should be in writing via email or phone.
    3. These conditions and the Agreement to which they relate shall be governed and construed in accordance with Australian Law.
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