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Initial Consultation

I offer a free 30-minute phone consultation. This provides the opportunity to discuss your concerns needs and goals and assist with planning for the projects you require assistance with.

After our initial phone consultation, it’s best that nothing is changed before I arrive to help me identify what will be the best solution to assist you organise and utilise the space more effectively – my goal being to create an effective functional space which is appealing in presentation.

Alternatively, if required, I offer a free 30-minute home consultation. If the duration exceeds 30 minutes, pleased be advised this will incur my hourly rate fee.


Package and/or Services

Following the initial consultation, if you decide to proceed, I assess the area/s that you have identified you need help with. Together we assess and identify what is not working for you and what you want to achieve, and then see what immediate steps can be taken to make this area work for you.


Follow-up Work

At this point you may decide to continue to complete the planned projects yourself, with some guidance from me or have me to assist you at intervals at your discretion.

You can carry out this plan on your own, call for help occasionally or you may like to hire me to assist you over a period of time to organise your home or space in your life that has become cluttered.

How long will it take?

Every place and situation is unique. It’s not until the work begins that we may discover what issues may arise that may affect the progress of achieving the end result a decluttered and organised space. After the initial 3-hour consultation (which includes practical session time) you will have a better sense of how long the process will take.

A minimum of 3 hours, to provide enough time to achieve and show productive results… you will be surprised how much can be achieved in that time frame.

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